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Styling your festive do

Styling your festive do

Party season brings with it an opportunity to get your glam on – especially in the hair department! Up or down? Long or short? We asked well known hair stylist and owner of Ashleigh D Hair & Nails, Ashleigh Naicker for some party hair tips.

Should your hairstyle differ depending on the outfit you are wearing?

Yes, this is really important. Choosing the right hairstyle can either make or break an outfit.  A lot depends on whether you’re going for formal or slightly more casual look (for example, a halter-neck dress already has a detailed neckline, so the best would be to pair it with a fishtail braid or high bun to expose the neck line). If you’re going for a sporty/casual look, high ponytails and tight buns are also great to ensure your hair stays in place.


Tell us about some of the colour and cut trends we’re seeing this season.

When it comes to colour, there is a definite move towards brunette colours. Faded brunette to bronze or brunette with copper undertones, rich chocolate strands and, for the blondes, a more golden blonde is becoming popular.

For cuts, it seems the classic ‘pixie’ cut is back in style. It’s versatile and, with a little creativity, can add a modern twist. Long, layered locks gradually starting at the chin can add an edge and dimension to thick hair. For mid-length layers, a sexy bob is low maintenance, perfect for women on the go! Go with straight razored ends for a clean shoulder cut, which works best for heart or square shaped faces. Textured waves and blunt bangs add an edge to long hair. It looks hot and gives instant style. Bangs also frame the face nicely, even when naturally tousled.


What are some things to remember when you’re attending an elegant event?

Remember that simplicity always adds sophistication. I advise people to work with the texture of their hair – so if you have curly hair, work with the curls instead of against them, that way you won’t be concerned about how your hair is going to look at the end of a function. Remember there are so many variations for either a chic, smooth or tousled look. The French Twist or French Bun are slightly dated, but are still classic, simple and extremely elegant.


How do you stay up to date with what is on-trend both internationally and locally?

We do regular in-salon training and development with partner brands and industry experts.  We subscribe to industry and expertise online educational sites, social media platforms and engage in secondary research.  We are passionate about continually learning from the right channels and are always striving to stay ‘in the know’.


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