Starting your own Worm Farm

Starting your own Worm Farm

Joburg’s Green-Fingered Fairy, Karen Heron, chats to us about the importance of compost in living an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Worm farms are key to this – here’s all you need to know to start your own.

Vermicomposters (otherwise known as worm farms) a fantastic and surprisingly easy way to compost the organic waste in your home. By eating and breaking down the waste, they create vermicast, which contains millions of beneficial microorganisms that help break down organic matter into nutrients that your plants can absorb easily – making it the perfect ingredient to help your garden grow and thrive! As well as getting vermicast from your worm farm, you’ll also get ‘worm tea,’ the liquid by-product of a worm farm, which is equally nutritious for your plants.

Karen’s company, Earth Probiotic, have spent 3 years designing and prototyping the perfect worm farm, called the Earth Chef vermicomposter. The Earth Chef is a simple flow through system that comes with a full set of instructions to make setting it up incredibly easy. Once it’s ready to go, just feed fresh food at the top harvest from the bottom.

Get to know a little bit more about Karen and why she’s fully committed to preserving water and saving the honeybees.

Order the Earth Chef vermicomposter online. Details:



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