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10 child-friendly plants that your family can grow together

10 child-friendly plants that your family can grow together

Gardening is a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. Here are some child-friendly plants they can grow that will keep them interested, stimulated and engaged.

Engage all their senses

Getting your children involved in gardening at home  can create a love of growing things for life.

As children have short attention spans, choose seeds or seedlings that grow easily and quickly.

To make it more interesting for the children, choose plants with bright colours, delicious smells and  interesting textures as well as edible plants (flowers, berries, vegetables).

Start with some of these child-friendly plants so that they feel as if they have achieved something worthwhile throughout the growing process.


Delicious strawberries are easy to grow and children love to pick and eat them.

Lamb’s Ears

These easy-to-grow annuals with their silver leaves are great to touch because of their velvety texture. They can be part of a mixed bed or grown as a border.


Mint is a delicious, fragrant herb with many uses. It’s easy to grow, tolerates more shade than many other plants, and does well in containers. Grown at an outside tap it will get enough water and flourish.


Potatoes, grown below the ground, can make for a wonderful, secret surprise for the kids. With lots of leafy greens on top, it’s fun to turn over the soil with a spade and uncover the buried treasure.


The flowers are not edible but they are organic toys that many adults played with as children. Squeezing the flower mouths open and closed is still fun for children.


Geraniums are wonderful container plants with beautiful edible flowers and broad scented leaves.


Plant these seeds in spring and you’ll have a colourful, pungent, peppery addition to your salads when the orange, red and yellow flowers bloom. Flowers and young leaves are edible.

Green beans

Green beans have large, easy-to-grasp seeds for small hands to plant. They mature quickly and are delicious and healthy to eat. They will be ready to pick in just a few weeks so the kids won’t have to wait too long.


This herb with its aromatic blue or purple flowers will add a wonderful scent to your garden and to your home if you use them to make a potpourri – another fun activity with the kids. Lavender is edible and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Pot marigold

A scattering of seeds planted in early spring will reward you with a massive splash of colour about ten weeks later. The leaves can be used in salads.

Happy gardening!

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