Local celebs pay tribute to their mom’s

Local celebs pay tribute to their mom’s

This Mother’s Day we’re not only apologizing for treating mum like an Uber driver when we were teens (you know we’re right), but we’re also taking the opportunity to tell her just how much she means to us.

TV and radio personality – Romy Titus

‘My mother means that there is always a safe spot to land when life in the big wide world gets a little too tough. Now that I’m a mother I appreciate her even more!’

Radio personality – Lindy Hibbard

‘My mom is my everything. She is love, kindness, sweetness and beauty wrapped into one. She’s my rock, my biggest supporter and my cheerleader. Most importantly, she’s shown me what a mother is. She’s set the bar for being a parent so amazingly high that if I’m half as good as she is, I’d be so proud.’

TV personality and celeb blogger – Roxy Burger

‘My mom is everything! She has sacrificed so much so that I could live my dreams and do the kind of work I did as a kid. She shlepped me around and took me to auditions, sport, ballet … and all sorts of other things.’

Actress Anji Woodley

‘My mom means the moon, the stars and everything in-between. I have her to thank for my existence!’

Beauty/image consultant and personality – Francois Louw 

‘My mother has been a constant source of comfort, love, and support for as long as I can remember. Regardless of what I have or haven’t done, or whether or not she approved, my mother has always been there for me. She’s built me up, picked me up, and brushed me off. She’s always been my biggest fan.’

Professional rugby player – Steven Kitshoff

‘My mom is the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s always been my biggest fan, my best friend and my support system.’

Professional DJ – DJ Sox (Socrates Georgiades)

My mother means the world to me … and the older I get the more I realize what an incredible woman she is.’

Radio personality – Bailey Schneider

‘My mom is an incredible woman who really follows her passions and has been an amazing role model in my life. As I’m about to become a mom myself I have an even greater respect and understanding for her.’


Professional rugby player – Robbie Coetzee

‘My mom means the world to me … and she made me the man I am today.’


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