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Five reasons to drink champagne

Five reasons to drink champagne

Did you know that Champagne became a world-wide drinking phenomenon in the late nineteenth century? Here are five reasons we love bubbly…
  1. The pop and the bubbles – When you hear a champagne cork POP, it immediately lifts your spirits and signals to your brain that a party is about to go down. There is perhaps no sweeter sound in the universe than that of a cork popping! Then there’s the bubbles. Rising mysteriously in every glass of champagne are infinite streams of tiny perfect bubbles, running upwards, in perfect synchronicity like they don’t want to be late to the show!


  1. It’s low in Calories – Relative to ‘normal’ wine, champagne is a dieter’s delight – it contains 90 calories per 120ml glass, whereas red wine has 100! We’ll have another glass, please.


  1. Champagne indicates a celebration – if you are sipping from a flute of champagne, chances are that you are experiencing one of life’s happy and biggest moments: weddings, birthdays or celebrations.


  1. Champagne is healthy – Champagne is a great source of polyphenols, which contain antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and remove toxic chemicals from the body. They also protect the mind against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s by preventing the deterioration of brain cells due to oxidative stress. Just remember: be careful not to drink a large amount of it in a short time, because the champagne is quickly absorbed.


  1. The variety is endless – There are a number of different luxurious Champagnes to choose from.  Whether it’s a Brut, Dosage, or Rosé, there’s one for every kind of Champagne lover.


We popped down to Churchills Bar & Bistro in Melrose Arch, who boasts the perfect setting for a sundowners with a view, and an impressive list of over 18 bottles of champagne on their menu to choose from, including GH Mumm, Taittinger Brut Non Vintage, Veuve Clicquot and Louis Roederer Cristal. Depending on HOW MUCH of a Champagne lover you really are, you may be indulging in GH Mumm Brut, which is their cheapest bottle at R1 280, to really having something to celebrate with their most expensive bottles being Louis Roederer Cristal & Armand de Brignac both coming in at R8 200 a bottle. That calls for a celebration on it own… off to Churchills we go! Details:

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