Healthiest not-so-homemade meals

Healthiest not-so-homemade meals

There are a number of places where you can buy healthy and delicious meals that are so wholesome, you’ll forget you didn’t prepare them yourself.

Mo-zam-bik is a hot little traditional Portuguese cuisine spot that will take you over the border without a passport, transporting you with its authentic Mozambique dishes. But what we love most about it is that it’s actually pretty darn healthy with their large variety of grilled foods (fish, spinach, chicken). Go to their website to find your closest branch. The daily Food Lover’s Market buffet is a never-ending selection of salads, meats and other just-like-mom-made-it foods. And Woolworths also has a range of steamed vegetable pre-packed meals that would pair great with their rotisserie chicken. That means we’ve got you covered from Monday to Wednesday. Tell us where you’re grabbing dinner while still watching your waist…


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