Fidget away … it’s helping you concentrate

Fidget away … it’s helping you concentrate

What’s the one thing that’s distracting kids from screen and giving them a useful play experience?

The Spinner, of course. This three-pronged toy, with a ball bearing in the middle to enable it to spin, is no bigger than the palm of your hand. And playing it is easy … it’s just a case of holding with the thumb and forefinger and spinning as fast as possible with the remaining fingers. Sounds simple. But the benefits are great. These fidget spinners are being marketed for their therapeutic value for ADD, anxiety and autism. And they also help with fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, muscle development in hands and fingers, and manual dexterity. Playing with a spinner also wakes up the brain, encourages perseverance and is challenging. These toys have been banned from some classrooms, where they’re considered disruptive, but they’re brilliant to hand to your children while they’re sitting in front of the TV. R79. Details:



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