Hanging out with De-Monique

Hanging out with De-Monique

We spoke to dynamic pop duo and besties, De-Monique about their single ‘You & me’ as well as where we would find them on a perfectly good day.


  1. How has the reception of your single “You & Me ” been

DEME: The single is being received very well; nothing speaks louder than fans singing along to your music at gigs.

NIQI: It’s difficult to judge our own music, so it’s always awesome when people take to it, so far it looks like they’re loving You And Me.


  1. When can we expect a video?

DEME: Artists are always trying to get things as close to perfect in their eyes, lol… but very soon.

NIQI: The last edits are being done, so we’re excited to say ‘very soon’.


  1. What inspired the Latin feel in your music.

DEME: Nothing screams sexy yet sensual like the language spoken through Latin dance. So we hooked up with friend & World Latin American Dance Champion- Michael Wentink & incorporated just a taste of Latin into the music video, he also designed our silver & gold dresses in the video for the single tour.

NIQI: I find nothing sexier than the Peuerto-Rican language, music & culture, & while the song doesn’t have a Latin feel, choreographer Michael Wentink incorporated a Latino vibe into the music video.


  1. What is it like working with your sister?

DEME: You mean my bff/better half/day one, lol, I feel blessed, there isn’t anyone I’d rather be on this journey with, even though she cray cray sometimes… we have a secret language in facial expressions, lmao!

NIQI: Nobody knows me better, we even finish each other’s sentences & it’s weird how we always know what the other is thinking. Deme is my bff… also… she always has delish but healthy snacks, so it’s AWESOMENESS!!!


  1. Who in between the two makes most decision

DEME: Knowing each other all our lives, we make decisions together as we found that’s the best way to positively move forward, unless it’s regarding food… then that’s mostly me

NIQI: To succeed at what we’re doing in business, we both need to feel equally in control, so we always come to a compromise together.


  1. Where is your favourite singing spot

DEME: Gotta be the shower or any empty, echoey place, I just start singing & people find it sooo weird, but dang those spots make you sound good.

NIQI: In the shower lol, great acoustics.


  1. Your perfect day consists of…

DEME: A morning swim in a hot spring, seafood breakfast on a patio overlooking the beach, catching romcoms with chocolate muffins & milk, a braai with family & friends thereafter, & to end off the evening, a soak in a hot tub, a massage & falling asleep in a Baldacchino Bed. That sums up a perfect day for me.

NIQI: Waking up by the sea, going for a run on the beach, watching a movie with a tub of Tin-roof icecream, a seafood dinner, a beautiful sunset & then going to bed with the sound of the ocean in my ears.

  1. Greatest memory of your 20’s (Thus far)

DEME: From what I’ve always heard, your 20’s are all about being free, exploring without any regret, & that’s what I’m enjoying right now- in music & in my personal life, & even though we have already accomplished so much in our career, my greatest memories thus far, are the last months spent with my dad before he passed.

NIQI: The truth is that the music industry is fickle & musicians are easily replaced, but to comeback after our break & find that we still have a place in the hearts of our fans, is truly touching. They keep us motivated.



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