We scream, Ice cream

We scream, Ice cream

If there is one thing we love it is our top 5 ice cream spots.
  1. Paul’s homemade ice cream.

Paul’s offers a wide range of tasty flavours designed to make anyone and everyone ask for another scoop. The greatest part is that they have Kosher and sugar free scoops and for the healthy screamers. Talk about pleasing the entire squad! Details:

  1. Gelato la cremosa

If you fancy a little Italian? Rally up the gang for a traditional Italian swirl made from classic recipes with an added flair. Imagination pouring warm dark chocolate into the Fior di Latte gelato. A few seconds and the chocolate becomes crunchy and intense! Just ask for the stracciatella and thank us later. Details:

  1. Crumbs & Cream

Is there any where that you would rather be than being sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies? Well Crumbs & Cream is just the place for you. Pick your cookie, select your ice cream, choose a topping or spread and enjoy, well after posting your story on instagram that is! Details:

  1. Knickerbocker Ice-cream company

When last did you sink your spoon into a yummy ‘old style’ sundae? Well Knickerbocker serves up a delish hot fudge sundae and if sundaes aren’t your favourite then we suggest you go for the traditional soft serve. Details:

  1. Fab café and gelato

Apart from really flavoursome classics, Fab has variety of fruity gelatos that are just to die for. Think in lemon meringue, passion fruit, mango and blueberry scoops. The Instagram worthy décor and amazing wallpaper is just a bonus. Details:



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