Kitchen essentials

Kitchen essentials

Looking for an interesting food read or two? Then be sure to have a look at these.

Hormones out of whack can cause all sorts of unpleasant results … mood swings, fluid retention, weight gain, insomnia, increased stress, lack of sex drive … it’s a long list! Here’s where Angelique Panagos, a qualified leader in the fields of nutrition and health, comes to the rescue with The Balance Plan – Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health (R226). From detailed descriptions on how hormones work to the six pillars of balance, meal plans and a collection of recipes, this book is a reliable guide to improving your life in practical ways. The recipes include yummy dishes, like coconut crumbed chicken, steak strip stir-fry, stuffed sweet potato, chocolate coconut cream and tartes au citron. This is a book that could change your life for the (much) better! Aster. Cooked in South Africa (R727) is more than your everyday recipe book… “What are your earliest memories of food?” was the first question asked to the 47 foodies interviewed. Over and above the recipes outlined in here, there are also some fantastic stories around food and the various personalities featured in this book like Reuben Riffel, Seelan Sundoo and Glenda Lederle to name but a few.


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