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The blonde and the beautiful

The blonde and the beautiful

We caught up with the talented media personality, Liezel van der Westhuizen and got low-down on all things hair.

With an affections smile and on-screen personality to match, it’s no wonder Liezel is a household name. But it is her hair that gets most people talking. She’s never shy to experiment and try something ‘out of the box;


What is your definition of “great hair”?

When my hair feels soft on my hands and when the ends are smooth and not frizzy.


 Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I often brainstorm with the team from Palladium hair, and we get very creative with different hairstyles. Then add my own unique twist to the look, either by adding a bit of colour or adding an accessory.


Where and who do you trust to do your hair (salon)? 

Allan Jackets from Palladium Hair


What is the craziest/most daring hairstyle you’ve ever created, and why?

I shaved Table Mountain in my hair, complete with a Sunset. I was named an ambassador for Table Mountain, This was done around the same time that Table Mountain was nominated for one of the 8 Wonders of nature.


Why is fun and adventurous hairstyles something you enjoy doing? 

For the Queens Plate, we created a blue headpiece but this was done with my hair. We used food colouring to create a none permanent blue colour in the hair and created a fun up style that looked like a fascinator.  For breast cancer month, I shaved the pink cancer ribbon into the back of my hair and dyed that part pink.


You have, over the years, featured some daring and fun hairstyles. Which was your favourite, and why? 

I love being able to tell a story with my hair and I am not afraid to try different styles.


What’s your go-to hair styling secret?

I spray my brush with perfume and comb through my hair if I am worried about a dirty hair smell.

Home Hair treatment. I mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with avo and apply to my hair for 15-20minutes. This is ideal for dry hair


Stylist Tipping – yes or no? 

YES, don’t forget to tip the stylist, stylist’s assistant, and the shampoo person. No tip is too big or too small.


Have you experienced any hair disasters before? 

Luckily not.


What hair products would you recommend?

I recently went to the launch for System Professional and was blown away by their products that I test on my own hair. They have a unique system where you get a personalised hair energy code mapping and their hair care system is tailored to your scalp and hair needs. I am also loving Wells’s Thermal Image.

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