Planning a vacation? Elle Franco has the perfect destination!

Planning a vacation? Elle Franco has the perfect destination!

With Summer on our doorstep, and everyone planning their December holidays, what better way to pick the perfect holiday destination than ask one of your favourite TV Presenters, Elle Franco. And her favourite pick – GREECE!

Why should you visit Greece? This is why, according to Elle.


  1. What is there not to love about Greece! I saw the pinterest images, read the articles and heard from other travelers’ how awesome of a place it was, but going there yourself you still get blown away by how beautiful it is even if you did some travel research beforehand. Greece is that stunning.


  1. I have travelled to many places but I have never seen a place so unique as Greece, the white and blue painted housed and structures, such different architecture and beautiful Bougainvillea flowers scattered around. Everywhere we pointed the camera it was bound to be a great pic!


  1. I always wanted to go to Greece for a honeymoon, even though I thought that France and Italy were considered super romantic destinations, my Husband and I found Greece to be very romantic, the charming towns, people, sea views, especially on the Greek Islands.


  1. The Greek people are so friendly! Whether in the Hotel, on the street, in a Vodafone shop or taking the train/ferry. Everyone we spoke to was friendly and spoke very good English. We had more conversations on how to pronounce and learn the Greek greetings with the locals more than anything! Transport in Greece is not difficult to navigate and every bus, train, taxi or ferry was on time.


  1. My Husband Ruan and I share a love for food! Greek food is a firm favourite of ours and it tastes amazing at the real deal country of origin. It is a healthy cuisine but packs full taste and flavour. I loved having fresh authentic Tzatziki, olives and feta every opportunity I could, dipping breads and skewered meant into it. My Hubby loved the Greek beer called “Mythos” (nope not a restaurant that side) and we both loved eating slouvaki on our honeymoon and we tasted some of the best gelato I have ever tasted in Athens!


  1. Greece is not short of sights and attractions and there is so much to see I wish I stayed longer. I completed as amazed seeing the Acropolis Ruins and the Parthenon in Athens. It was awe inspiring to see. The islands are also an attraction paradise, from the quaint towns to the sea views and incredible venues, shops and restaurants to the historic and iconic structures on the islands, not to mention the amazing beaches and clear blue waters. My husband visited Mykonos and Santorini and we have now seen some of the best sunsets that planet earth has to offer.


“Everything was a highlight. The Acropolis in Athens, our gorgeous 4 star hotel in Mykonos, the most beautiful sunset in Oia, Santorini and of course the delicious gelato. But the best of all was experiencing it all, with my person Ruan.”

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