Stunning stationery

Stunning stationery

A range of luxury, bespoke stationery in a variety of gorgeous designs … with Liberty Bespoke, gift-giving and desk facelifts have transformed into an extraordinary experience.

Liberty Bespoke is our go-to when it comes to luxury bespoke stationery in a variety of gorgeous designs! Whether you need to give your everyday office desk a quick facelift, or are in need of some gorgeous gifting ideas, Liberty Bespoke has a way of making these experiences extraordinary and interesting … no more boring or kitsch notebooks! YAY! The designs selected for the collections are an expression of our natural environment and crafted from environmentally-friendly paper, too! Bonus! From beautiful cards and intricate gift tags to notebooks and wrapping paper to-die-for … Liberty Bespoke has it all! It’s a sure way to make your everyday office life and friends’ birthdays just that much more special! Printed in South Africa and assembled by hand, the stationery is superior in quality and design! We’re hooked! Details:


Get It Joburg North November 2018

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