This is Going to Hurt!

This is Going to Hurt!

So. You want to be a doctor. Perhaps you should read This is Going to Hurt – Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor before you make any firm decisions.

Written by comedian, and TV and film writer Adam Kay, who previously worked as a junior doctor, it’s by turn horrifying and laugh-out-loud hysterical. He trained for six years, worked for six years for the NHS and then, one terrible day when it all came too much for him, resigned (a decision, he says, that his parents have never forgiven him for.). He writes about 97-hour weeks, life-and-death decisions, a constant tsunami or bodily fluids and talks about everything you wanted to know – and quite a few you didn’t – about life on the ward. Picador, R242.


Get It Joburg North September 2018

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