7 reasons why we love hummus

7 reasons why we love hummus

Apart from being extremely delish and being pita’s best friend we found 7 more reasons to love hummus!
  1. Helps to lower cholesterol 

As humus contains chickpeas and other plant-based ingredients, the dip doesn’t have any cholesterol. According to, this delicious spread contains unsaturated instead of saturated fat, which means it isn’t likely to increase your blood cholesterol levels.  In fact, unsaturated fat can actually help to lower cholesterol.  Additionally, hummus also has fibre which also helps lower cholesterol.


  1. Good Source of Plant-Based Protein

Chickpea seeds are high in protein, making hummus a good protein source.  The delightful dip is often accompanied by pita bread or another type of whole grain, which creates a “complete protein” together with the hummus.  In turn, this is converted into energy.


  1. Helps Digestion and Intestinal Health

The fiber content found in chickpeas is great for digestive health.  Because of the fiber content, humus also makes a great snack which helps you feel fuller for a longer time.


  1. Healthy salad dressing option

Hummus makes a delightful healthy alternative to mayonnaise.  Combine a /good dressing replacement Combine a dollop of hummus combined with drizzling of olive oil – pour over your salad to enjoy a meal low in calories, high in vitamin


  1. Spread the love

With our busy days, hummus provides a healthy solution for a quick snack – at work or as a mid-day snack for the kids at school.  Its versatility allows you to spread it on a roll, or as a dip with pita bread or veggies (perfect for sneaking in a vegetable serving for your kids).


  1. A dip with extra benefits

You get to share hummus with your friends and family enabling you to enjoy the benefits of close relationships, which according to a Harvard study is better indicators of a long and happy life than social class, IQ or even genetic influencers.


  1. The choice of 12 delicious options

MediDeli caters for different palettes with a choice of 12 delightful options:  Humus (original); Humus Avo; Humus Reduced Fat; Humus Deluxe (Kosher); Humus Jalapeno; Humus Red pepper; Humus Zaatar; Humus Peri Peri; Humus Orange; Humus Roasted seed; Humus Smoked; Turmeric Humus


Text courtesy of Mediterranean Delicacies


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