Five amazing reads.

Five amazing reads.

It’s all a-thrill-a-minute this month

When the chill’s real, we need to get the adrenalin going and the blood stirring. A handful of seriously gripping thrillers hit the book shelves this month … and we can’t wait to curl up for a spine-chilling readathon. We’ve never read a Jeffery Deaver we didn’t love, so no surprise that The Cutting Edge was first up. A killer is targeting happy couples as they start their lives together, and it’s up to the just-married Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs to hunt him down. Hodder & Stoughton, R285

Robert Goddard has danger coming from the inside in Panic Room, where a young woman living in a remote house is in danger from people looking for the owner, a missing rogue pharma entrepreneur. Penguin, R290*.

In Catherine Ryan Howard’s The Liar’s Girl, Alison Smith has spent a decade putting her life, and her killer boyfriend, behind her. But despite being behind bars, he’s somehow involved in a new murder, and she’s asked to go back to Ireland to help. Corvus, R295*

Heather Child’s Everything About You is a terrifying vision of a world that’s just around the corner … a virtual assistant that knows what you want, when you want it, and things that it really shouldn’t know. You’ll change your privacy settings after this one! Orbit, R285

Tony Park’s Captive is close to home. Revolving around a naive Australian lawyer and the owner of a African wildlife orphanage sanctuary, it’s a tale of kidnapping, betrayal and the complexities and deadly nature of the war on poaching.  MacMillan, R285*

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