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Meet Janine Starkey – the personal fashion stylist that’ll make you look fab

Meet Janine Starkey – the personal fashion stylist that’ll make you look fab

Janine Starkey, the creator of House of Janine, is a qualified Fashion Designer and launched her style and fashion empire in 2003. Her bubbly personality makes her instantly relatable and Janine has over the years not only had the privilege of dressing SA’s most renowned celebrities, but she learnt the art of illusion dressing and styling through her experience.

Janine believes that when you look and feel great you perform, and it is for this reason that Tweak n Style was born. Janine helps ladies select clothing that suits their figure – highlights their assets and minimises their flaws – leaving them empowered and confident.

Her capsule collection features eight fantastic pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe; the perfect trousers, a versatile cardigan, the most flattering wrap dress and the streamline jacket, built to shape the figure of a woman as well as enhance all her assets.

We chatted to Janine to find out more about this powerhouse of a women with the funky hairdo…

Can you share with us how Tweak n Style came about? 

This business was developed to ensure everyone, and anyone could enjoy the advantage of a stylist; we wanted a way to reach people in areas we could not naturally reach, and we wanted to create an opportunity for young stylists to create and grow their businesses with our support, marketing and within our umbrella.

What is your capsule collection and how does it work for just about anyone? 

Every piece is crafted to illusion dress the shape – each piece works on most people’s body shape.  As fashion designers, we create clothing for the woman, as image consultants and fashion designers we create clothing that considers women’s insecurities as well as assets and body flaws.  The line is built to be inter-worn as well as is flattering

What is the one clothing item that you recommend to all (almost all) your clients?

The right bra (I know it’s not clothing) but the right foundation garment is critical – an expensive dress can look revolting and cheap without the right under garment so for me the right bra is everything! (Bra-vo we say!!)

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make a change to their look and wardrobe?

Give us a call is my first response, I giggle as I say this but it’s true, a consultant although she comes at a price tag, she ensures that the expense is worth it as instead of spending cash on buying wrong clothing – your expense will now be wise as your move forward into your new look.

Favourite place/country you have ever travelled to – and why? 

Hands down Amsterdam, I just loved that if I was walking around with a pot plant on my head, no one would look at me any differently.  I loved the sense of acceptance, the understanding in seeing someone who is different and totally embracing them.

What item of clothing are you totally obsessed with right now?

1000% my Zara knitted coat.  Firstly, one does not easily find a coat that stretches so I can wear it inside and out – that is slimming and that is stylish!  Next is my cape, from our new collection – can I have 2 obsessions?  We have a grass green cape that is beautiful over everything.

If you could have dinner with one person (alive or dead) who would it be and why? 

Joan Rivers – I know, a little superficial but I loved her candour, her opinions and her ability to voice and not care for consequence.  From an emotional standpoint I am going to be typical and say Oprah, she is a business mogul and she got her brand right without compromise and in SA, Nelson Mandela – come on, who wouldn’t?

Favourite South African food, and why? 

SA food, um Black Cat peanut butter – is that South African?  To cook with, to add to anything and to eat alone, come on! Delish right? If BC is not a food, then the old fashioned Malva pudding – my mom calls it a Jan Spies so hoping that is South African – served with cream day or night!!

Find out more about House of Janine and Janine’s Capsule Collection here…

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