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A wine for every occasion – helloooo Blue Owl

A wine for every occasion – helloooo Blue Owl

Listen, it’s Wednesday, and that deserves a glass of vino or three. The Blue Owl wine collection has piqued our interest, so we are happy to pass our glass and say ‘owl’ certainly have a glass of this, please…

Allée Bleue wine farm in Franschhoek was bought in 1999 by Friedrich-Wilhelm and Elke Dauphin, who were determined to breathe new life into the estate. After a few days on the farm, they noticed a beautiful Blue Owl who spent her days resting in her nest in the rafters of the old farmhouse. One day they saw that there were two little owlet additions to the nest and the family slowly grew, and so the name Blue Owl was coined for this specific wine range.

The range was just released last month and is easy-drinking, both wines have loads of generous flavour – exactly what you want from an everyday drinking wine.

The Blue Owl Chardonnay is a fresh and zesty style of wine, packed with winter melon flavours, apricot nuances and a citrus aftertaste. It’s just the wine to open when you’re sitting around chatting with friends … food wise it’s lovely with fresh pasta with green pepper, ham and a creamy herb sauce.

Likewise, the Blue Owl Merlot suits even the most informal social occasions, such as an evening around the braai. Elegant and fruit-driven (think ripe cherries and blackcurrant) it’s an excellent option to serve with a pasta topped basil, roasted cherry tomatoes, slivers of parmesan and drizzled with olive oil.

You’ll find the wines at your local bottle store for around R50 a bottle – which is a jolly good price we say!

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