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Brand new skin in 5 days? We test out Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel…

Brand new skin in 5 days? We test out Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel…

We are always keen to try out a new treatment, and if it’s one that makes our skin look slightly younger and revitalise, then we are up to try it!

Meraki Aesthetic and Beauty Studios in Riverclub invited us to pop in and try out the highly raved about Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel and we were excited to learn more about this world-wide skincare phenomenon.

The Dr. Schrammek derma cosmetics skincare series offers a complete range of high-tech products for various skin conditions and problems, and the best part, they are all natural.

Their goal is to is to assist to restore healthy skin and a beautiful complexion, as well as preventing skin disturbances and assisting with skin protection. “Dermatology meets Cosmetics” is the basic philosophy of this product range.

The Green Peel is relatively quick and painless and comes in three strengths. There is mild discomfort when the active ingredient is scrubbed across your skin, but nothing unbearable. The skin is cleansed, and then green peel powder activated with water. Once the peel has been removed and the soothing masque placed on you will feel like you have had a normal facial.

For maximum anti-aging may we suggest also getting your décolletage and hand done too. Our therapist, Jess, also did an extra treatment prior to the Green Peel called dermaplaning which is super popular with celebs right now and uses the edge of a scalpel moved at an angle superficially along the surface of the skin to smooth and exfoliate the surface and to remove fine hairs or peach fuzz. The result is a much smoother skin and you find make up much easier to apply.

Once the Green Peel treatment is completed you look a little red, but it’s nothing major and your therapist will give you a host of home skin care products as well as some amazing BB cream to use a base/cover up for the next few days. For a day or two afterwards your skin will feel a bit sensitive, we can only liken it to having shards of glass in your skin when you touch it, and you may feel slightly tight, but just keep using the products they give you afterwards.

We peeled slightly on our forehead and nose about 4 days afterwards, but it was not a lot and not very noticeable. A week later we were back to normal and the skin freshness and freckle lightening was noticeable.

Although skin that has been severely damaged by sun or skin problems such as acne may take several treatments to start seeing results, it is plain to see after the first treatment alone that this is a great solution and we love the all-natural aspect.

One’s skin cycle is normally 21 days – with Dr Schrammek’s that is speeded up to 5 days, so in 5 days you have a brand-new skin layer on the surface, and the results are noticeable and permanent.

We love Meraki Studio in Riverclub – they also offer a variety of other treatments, waxing, nails, aesthetics and spray tans. They are our one stop beauty shop without a doubt.

Find out more about Meraki Aesthetic and Beauty Studio here…

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