Bucketlisting travel on the Fjords of Norway

Bucketlisting travel on the Fjords of Norway

We are crazy about travelling here at Get It Magazine, and we do truly believe that booking your holiday gives you something epic to work towards (in fact we find we are more productive when we have a holiday to work towards!)

We recently discovered this really cool website called Flight Network, who are sharing about the top trips to do this year, based on a popularity poll and we think this amazing trip to cruise the fjords of Norway fits our travel bill – who’s with us?

Think beautiful mountains, wildflower-flooded fields, fishing villages and medieval cathedrals – in fact this could pretty much be what it looked like thousands of years ago when people first settled in the beautiful land of Norway.

This is certainly a beautiful land, glaciers dotted about, lush forests, and panoramic fjords painting the landscape, not to mention the treat of getting to see The Northern Lights and the glowing midnight sun which have intrigued many for centuries.

Where does the cruise travel to…?

The trip includes exploring two of the most beautiful fjords in Norway – the Nærøyfjord and Sognefjord, but you start off catching the train from Bergen to Voss on the Bergen Railway.

Once in Voss, you’ll board a bus with your shipmates and ride to Gudvangen to set sail on the Nærøyfjord. Meandering downstream, sharp mountainsides slide by and soaring peaks fill the horizon until arriving in Kaupanger, where you will hop on a bus to take you to the next leg of your journey – transferring buses in Sogndal and making your way to Leikanger.

Cruising along the noting short of breath-taking Sognefjord with its sheer cliff faces and cascading waterfalls, you will also get to experience true Norwegian culture during stops in historic villages during the 5-hour voyage back to Bergen.

How to get there…

Flying to Norway is easy via Delta Airlines, Lufthansa or other popular Airlines into Oslo Airport, from where you can catch a train to Bergen or take the airport bus available from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city centre to catch the train en route to your cruise port.

If you prefer to drive you can grab a rental car at the airport and then enjoy the scenery along the coast to Bergen.

We are thinking this would be an amazing experience – we have always wanted to witness the Northern Lights!

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