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Get hands on in the kitchen with healthy Barilla Pasta…

Get hands on in the kitchen with healthy Barilla Pasta…

Who doesn’t love a great big bowl of our favourite pasta? We love a basic pasta smothered in olive oil and parmesan – there can honestly be nothing more comforting

Barilla – Italy’s No. 1 pasta brings the taste of Italy to your kitchen and the fact that it is made of durum wheat and is low GI as well has us excited! They also have a cool range of sauces and pesto’s – making dinner preparation after a busy day, that much easier.

Barilla, has been the cornerstone of Italian cuisine for over 140 years and is considered the Number 1 selling pasta brand in Italy. And if anyone knows pasta – it’s those Italians!

Barilla uses only the best quality 100% durum wheat semolina and is wholly inspired by authenticity and family tradition, like the good old days back in Italy.

Barilla comes in a variety of shapes (we love the farfalle bowties) and gives home cooks and master chefs alike ample variety to demonstrate their creative flair.

When it comes to the cooking process, however, the pasta masters stand united: Pasta must always be cooked al dente. Directly translated al dente means ‘to the tooth’ or firm to the bite.

“Pasta should never be soft or over-cooked. A firmer pasta texture has a better mouth-feel and taste to enrich your favourite sauces, but there are also real health benefits to cooking your pasta al dente,” explains Chef Giorgio.

Proprietor of 95 Keerom which has been a bastion of authentic Italian dining in Cape Town for the past 15 years, Chef Giorgio won the Barilla World Pasta Championship in 2013 and is an ambassador of Academia Barilla in Parma.

Pasta made from durum wheat semolina and is cooked al dente has a lower glycaemic index (GI) than other starches. The protein structure of durum wheat pasta lends elasticity and strength, and when cooked al dente, is digested more slowly than most other carbohydrates.

Lower GI foods help to regulate your blood sugars. Soft pasta has a higher GI as the longer cooking time accelerates the gelatinisation of the starch. “The firmer the pasta, the longer the digestion time which means a lower spike in blood sugars,” adds Chef Giorgio.

Qualities that set Barilla pasta apart…

  • Made of 100% semolina, the inner part of durum wheat kernels
  • Golden amber colour
  • Al dente quality
  • Low GI energy food
  • Water remains clear during cooking with no excess starch
  • Protein structure lends elasticity and strength
  • It does not break or stick during cooking and will always hold its shape

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