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Four Fab Florals for September

Four Fab Florals for September

Jonette Engelbrecht, flowersmith extraordinaire and the creative genius behind Botanicus fine online florist shared her top Spring blooms to bring light and colour into your home this September.


  1. Ranunculus – Their delicate faces are bound to soften up any space. Style them together with other soft-looking flowers such as Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Roses for a true romantic and luxurious arrangement, styled perfectly on your desk for you to bask in their beauty for most of the day.


  1. Kangaroo Paw – A more unconventional flower that brings a modern and structural touch to any arrangement. Its ruby and burnt orange colours do not necessarily speak ‘Spring’ on their own but paired with softer palettes (which is something I often like to combine) it sure makes for a beautiful and fresh arrangement – make sure to get a hold of them in September as they won’t be as easily accessible in South Africa until April.


  1. Star Jasmine – This small white star-like flower knows how to bring the Spring feeling into your home with its sweet and fresh scent. With having 2 Star Jasmine bushes in my backyard you will always see a blooming sprig somewhere in my home during Spring, so I am constantly surrounded by their scent.


  1. Magnolia x Soulangeana – When driving past one of these trees (starting to bloom late Winter) the beautiful Spring shades of pink and white flowers can easily be mistaken for a flight of butterflies or a swarm of exotic birds that descended on the tree (well, that is what I see each and every time!) Style these blooms as a single branch on a side table next to a pile of your favourite magazines (including the latest Get It, of course!) or you can play around with these structural branches and create an Ikebana inspired arrangement for your Spring dinner party table – this arrangement will be sure to wow your guests.

To keep up to date with what Jonette and Botanicus are up to (or even just to ogle the beautiful creations!), head to the Botanicus website at www.botanicus.co.za and follow them on Instagram at @bybotanicus

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