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Strongbow Cider is reviving the city one surprise at a time!

Strongbow Cider is reviving the city one surprise at a time!

This initiative is beyond cool, and hat’s off to the team from Strongbow Apple Cider for not only brightening up our city – but also for brightening up our lives! 

The team recently revamped a dilapidated bus stop In Rivonia, transforming it into an awe-inspiring vertical garden and then they launched the ‘Butterfly Effect’ literally releasing 8000 biodegradable paper butterflies into the city to brighten up everyone’s day. And they have no plans of stopping.

Strongbow uses natural fruit to create a refreshing range of ciders and uses natural refreshment to rejuvenate people in cities across the globe and it’s no secret as to why this is the top selling cider in the world.

“Urban life is fantastic”, says Lance Dodgen, Marketing Manager for Strongbow South Africa. “But as exciting as it can be, it can also become draining. The traffic, the queues, the hustle and bustle – it can all get a bit hectic. So, to counter that we want to use nature to rejuvenate and re-inspire South Africans so they can get back to enjoying the city life they love.”

So they looked for key moments in people’s days that are usually the most hectic, and tried to make them as refreshing as possible by using their ultimate tool – nature!

“Studies have shown that commuting to work is one of the most stressful moments of the day,” says Dodgen. “So, that was one of the urban experience we looked to refresh.”

The Rivonia bus stop was the first project – transforming from drab to a vertical garden featuring a plant canopy which offered commuters shade from the heat of the summer sun while motion-activated spritzers surprised them with a cooling cloud of mist. “There were even fresh apples for people to enjoy while they waited for their bus,” said Dodgen.

Meanwhile in Rosebank, which is undergoing a massive overhaul with cranes blighting the skyline, was the site of another innovative activation. They converted a dark and smelly construction safety tunnel into a truly naturally refreshing experience by lining the walls with hanging plants and flowers. This didn’t just make the tunnel beautiful, it naturally sound-proofed the tunnel walls to keep the construction noise at bay.

Other activations included an office building refreshed during one of the hottest days of the year by bringing nature indoors, thanks to a 100-strong choir which replicated the sound of a thunderstorm using just their hands, bodies and voices; an “Inner City Waterfall” at a Cape Town club and the release of 8000 biodegradable paper butterflies in the sky above Braamfontein.

“People stopped what they were doing and just looked at the sky. The butterflies were embedded with the seeds of indigenous plants so that wherever they fell, they would bring nature into the city. But anyone who actually caught a butterfly would see that each one was a coupon to redeem an ice-cold Strongbow at the local bar.”

Strongbow will continue its mission to bring nature, rejuvenation, and inspiration into people’s lives during the course of this year – so stay tuned, you never know when nature could just leap out at you!

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