Nicole Bessick’s Essie Pancakes Recipe

Nicole Bessick’s Essie Pancakes Recipe

Local actress Nicole Bessick has taken SA’s entertainment industry by storm. This Actress, Celebrity Boxing Champion and Marie Claire Future Shaper has a list of accolades that would make any over achiever jealous.

“I’m preparing for a role at the moment, so my coach, Stefan Estment, has me on a strict leaning out, pre-density typed eating plan! I’m up to about 6 really great high-protein meals per day… but meal 2 of each day is DEFINITELY my favourite. Every single day… I get to eat… wait for it… PANCAKES. Guilt-free, wholesome pancakes. It’s super easy to make and tastes as good as a cheat day!” she says.

We like the sound of guilt-free pancakes – so tonight we are going to be trying a batch of Coach Essie’s pancakes…


6 x Egg Whites

30g Oats

Add Cinnamon,

A drop of Vanilla Essence and

1 x Vanilla Canderal Sweetener

“And voilà! All the goodness, zero guilt!” adds Nicole.

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