People of Joburg – Meet Vanes-Mari du Toit

People of Joburg – Meet Vanes-Mari du Toit

We recently caught up with Vanes-Mari du Toit, who you may well recognise from the latest season of Dancing with The Stars SA, but this gorgeous, tall blonde is also a member of our SA Netball Squad and has received an incredible 38 caps in her sport! We chat about DWTSSA, sports, snacks and more with Vanes-Mari. Find out more…


Tell us about the netball – how did you wind up realising that it was a talent you possessed?

I was kind of forced to play netball because I’ve always been very tall. I really liked playing netball, and soon realized I had talent when I started making provincial teams, that just motivated me to work even harder as I then wanted to be the best netball player that I can be. It’s one thing to be a tall netball player, but there’s a lot of tall netball players out there. I had amazing coaches throughout my netball career that inspired me.

Do you think becoming professional requires a mix of luck and skill – or is it just hard work and honing your skills? (They say if you put in the hours, anyone can be a professional/master etc)

I agree with the statement that if you put in the hours, anyone can be a professional. But I’d like to add discipline and honouring your talents to that equation. Everyone with a talent/ skill will do well in it, but if you want to be the best it’s only hard work that can set you apart from the rest. We are all different, so it’s important to be the best YOU.

What was the Dancing with The Stars experience like for you. What did you learn, or more specifically learn about yourself, that was something completely unique?

I loved the experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged out of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt that I have a lot more perseverance than I thought I had. I was proud of the small victories I achieved. I also learnt that dance is more like a sport than an art form and gained a lot of respect for all people involved in any form of performing arts. I learnt that I do have soft feet (cue the blisters) and my calves look really big in heels.

If you could go back and compete again – what would you do differently?

I have thought about this question quite a lot. And truth be told, there’s absolutely nothing that I would change or do differently.

Bucket list travel destination, and why?

America, it’s the only continent I haven’t been on. (That and Antarctica)

Favourite snack/treat, and why?

Favourite snack: I’m such a carnivore, I’m obsessed with biltong and any cured meat. (Sorry all my vegan friends)

Treat: I’ll never say no to a cup of coffee.

Item of clothing that you cannot live without right now?

My Proudfit sports bra, it’s part of my very own sports underwear range.

Fast Fun Facts:

Vanes-Mari wears a 9-10 size shoe. (Which is pretty in proportion with her 1.9m tall body)

She has 1 brother and 2 half-brothers and is the oldest and only sister.

Her favourite colour is GOLD.

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be? Even though my spirit animal is a giraffe, I would love to be an Eagle, I just think they’re so majestic.

Her favourite saying is: Keep on keeping on.


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