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The Genius Programme a chance to create new thought patterns

The Genius Programme a chance to create new thought patterns

It’s an age of rushing and deadlines and stress and meetings. An age where we really should all step back, take some time out, breathe, and perhaps learn something new about ourselves.

The Buddhist Retreat Centre in KwaZulu Natal sits on a ridge at the head of a valley in the Umkomaas region. For more than two centuries, people of all religions have visited … to experience peace and tranquility and have some time for reflection.

The centre has, during the year, a series of workshops, and one we can highly recommend is one that’s coming up next month and well worth attending. Graeme Butchart’s The Genius Programme is all about how to move from habit thinking to genius living, how to innovate yourself and live with a younger mind.

According to Graeme, we are all born genius. “That is to say – we all begin with the full spectrum of intelligence – analytical, operational, emotional and creative,” he says. “Yet, as our journey through life unfolds, we begin to adjust and conform to societal structures and norms – one of which is the manner in which we acquire the abundant knowledge, that is there for the taking.

These standards and conforming restraints ultimately produce a different thinking and behavioural mind from the one we started with, often to our detriment. Much of what we learn is beneficial. Equally, a great deal of our gained knowledge ends up getting in our way, limiting our thinking and reducing our experience of life, stunting our growth, defeating self-development and self-awareness.

The Genius Programme helps identify those voices of judgement that have captured our thinking and created unproductive habits. It introduces new liberating tools that rebirth the intuitive and creative aspects of ourselves, and provides everyday practical exercises that connect us to the genius within.”

Graeme’s course runs from Friday to Sunday, October 12 to 14. The cost is two day’s accommodation, plus a R300 surcharge. There are a limited number of spaces available, obviously, and from previous courses we know they book up really fast, so don’t dilly dally.

Details and bookings: or Phone 039-834-1863 or 087-809-1687

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