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Meet Andree Clacey – International Sales Manager at Peppadew International

Meet Andree Clacey – International Sales Manager at Peppadew International

PEPPADEW® products feel like they have been part of our lives, and in our fridges for just about as long as we can remember, and the range is constantly expanding and growing to incorporate new and exciting variations and ranges.

We caught up with local resident Andree Clacey, who is the International Sales Manager at Peppadew International Pty Ltd, to find a bit more about these versatile recipe additions that we have come to know and love over the years.

Where did the PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Pepper originate? It feels like it’s been on our supermarket shelves our whole lives, but it must have a backstory?

PEPPADEW® is a uniquely South African brand, through-and-through, and has transformed itself over two decades from a small-town start-up in Tzaneen, Limpopo, to an internationally renowned range of premium food products. Since the Piquanté Pepper was discovered in 1995, the flagship product has become a staple in the pantries of home chefs the world over.

Interestingly, the brand’s registered name and trademark, “PEPPADEW®”, has become synonymous with this pepper over the 23 years it’s been pleasing the palates of our loyal fans. What may be surprising to some, however, is that there is, in fact, no such a thing as a “Peppadew” and that this crunchy little red fruit is more accurately known as the Piquanté Pepper.

The wide range of products in the PEPPADEW® range includes sweet jalapeño variants, mango and vegetable atchars, pickled onions, a selection of pasta sauces, relishes and Splash-on™ sauces.

PEPPADEW® products are available – and super popular – in a number of other countries too – how did that come about?

In 1997, just two years after this sweet little piquanté pepper was discovered, it was launched in Australia. Following the brand’s expansion to the USA in 1999, the range of versatile products can today be found lining the shelves of avid home chefs, restaurant kitchens and grocery stores in Europe, South Korea, UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA & Nordic.

What has been the trickiest thing around marketing the PEPPADEW® brand to the consumer?

Very interesting question! As an international brand, we’ve adapted our global marketing strategy to align specifically with each market, intending to target individual audiences in the right ways and maximising the relevance and effectiveness of our touch points.

Every market is unique, and we’re tasked with the challenge of ensuring that we have an integrated and dynamic plan for each market, aiming to be as successful as we can be.

The range has expanded greatly – what are some of the new releases that we can look forward to seeing on our shelves?

Innovation is key to the success of our brand. We recently launched two fresh variants of PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers (with the ‘Mild’ variety now available ready-chopped, and the ‘Hot’ variety in slices.)

This was done to enhance the convenience of our flagship range. The recent launch of PEPPADEW® Sweet Jalapeño Peppers Hot Slices makes it even easier to add that unique pop of heat to any dish. We’re also excited to announce that a new, delicious PEPPADEW® Jalapeño Atchar will be available on retail store shelves this December!

What is the biggest selling product out of the range, and why do you think that is?

Featuring a delectably crunchy texture, distinctively sweet taste and vibrant red colour, variants of PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers remain our top-selling range. With no added preservatives and unmatched versatility, they are known as a premium quality ingredient which can be added to anything from stews, casseroles and pasta dishes to pizzas, stuffed bread and salads. Based on my own cooking experience, it’s safe to say that this product has endless applications.

What is your favourite dish to make at home, using your product?

I personally LOVE using PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers in a fresh tuna salad. It’s the perfect refreshing summer snack, and the Piquanté Peppers add vibrant taste sensation!

Here’s the recipe…

Where to next for PEPPADEW® – what can we expect from this popular brand?

We’ve noticed a growing trend towards experimenting with new and exciting flavours, inspired by fresh, organic, health-conscious & vegan influences. Consumers are increasingly discerning and knowledgeable about the nutritional value of the foods they eat, prioritising sustainably-sourced products. As a brand, we’re planning to launch many more innovative additions to the range, while remaining focused on the delivery of the high quality, premium products, for which PEPPADEW® has come to be known.

Watch this space!

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