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Waxing made easy

Let’s face it – never waxing again is just not an option! So why not follow these pre-waxing tips from WAXIT instead and ensure that your next experience goes off without a hitch?
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Step in the name of love

Put your best foot forward with these gorgeous pumps from Pretty Ballerinas!
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Bracelets for the boys

Listen up, girls! We’ve got the perfect gift for your guy.
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The ultimate beauty blunder

Call them zits, pimples, acne or blemishes … most people get them. While it may be tempting to try and get rid of them as fast as possible, you best think about the consequences first.
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Why you should remove your makeup before bed

Sleeping with your makeup still on can definitely spur flareups, especially on acne-prone skin or for people with sensitivities to certain environments and materials. Why make your skin even worse? Here are 11 gross things that can happen if decide to ditch a wash before going to bed. Trust us, you’ll probably regret it
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Beauty duties

Sherbet Angel’s Lisa Rautenbach gives us the lowdown on her beauty routine – think speedy and effective (thank you, Lisa!).
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A natural glow 

Are you looking for that flawless natural glow like Kendall Jenner? Here’s a nine-minute ‘how to’ tutorial!
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